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Reading Light


Reading Light is the best app for reading in the dark. Reading Light uses recent studies about the psychology of color to make your reading more efficient.Why you should install Reading Light?
1. You will have a lamp in your phone to study or read any reading anytime, anywhere.
2. You can use the time control to auto off or stop in a given time.
3. Reading light has brightness control so you can change the intensity of light
4. You can set the color tone changes to avoid boredom.
5. Reading Light use recent studies about the psychology of colors to help you in your reading.It has the following modes:
1. Concentration Mode: You will have different tones of blue, lowering the heart rate & allowing the calm.
2. Relax Mode: The natural color of balance. The calm of blue and creativity of yellow collide in the multi-tasking green family of color.
3. Creativity Mode: The stimulus of yellow is emotional, therefore yellow is the strongest color, psychologically. It is the color of creativity.
4. Energy Mode: You will have different tones of red and orange, it is stimulating and lively, very friendly and energetic.
5. White Mode: The color that reflects the full force of the purity and clarity in our eyes.